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The folding section of rectum can cause repeated trauma to the mucosa, and can cause solitary rectal ulcer syndrome. Defecographysigmoidoscopytransrectal ultrasoundmucosal biopsyanorectal manometry and electromyography have all been used to diagnose and study SRUS. Rectal prolapse can sometimes be treated with stool softeners, suppositories and other medications. The name "solitary" can be misleading since there may be more than one ulcer present. Patiest with SRUS were shown to have higher intra-rectal pressures when straining than healthy controls. She also argues that rosebudding is a way for pornographic actors and actresses to distinguish themselves.

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Alternatively, the intussuscepting rectum may lead to chronic stimulation of the rectoanal inhibitory reflex RAIR - contraction of the external anal sphincter in response to stool in the rectum.

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Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology. When it occurs in the rectum, some believe to be an interchangeable diagnosis with SRUS since the histologic features of the conditions overlap. Prolapse refers to "the falling down or slipping of a body part from its usual position or relations". Journal of Clinical Pathology. Prolapse can refer to many different medical conditions other than rectal prolapse. This content does not have an Arabic version. Recurrence rates are higher that the other perineal procedures.

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anal prolapse stileproject
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anal prolapse stileproject
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