Cats groomed and shaved

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You can purchase a pet hair clipper from your local pet store or online. The calmer and more unhurried your actions, the calmer you cat will be, too. Shave up the belly area to the armpits of the front legs. Long-haired cats need a great deal of grooming. Fresh Breath and Straight Teeth.

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Some long-haired cats can develop serious matting without regular shaving or grooming.

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Pros and Cons of Lion Cuts for Cats

View Article Pet Blood Donors: Shaving against the lie of the fur increases the risk that you will snag your cat's skin. Do not shave too close. Depending on how thick your cat's fur is, how fast it grows, and how fast mats or other problems develop, you may be looking at monthly trips to the groomer or vet. She also might have recommendations for groomers or tools.

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cats groomed and shaved
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cats groomed and shaved
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