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Yes the sex was painful but not overly so, - I really waited to have sex at the right time and felt like I was emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared. If so, so I can make sure I'm giving you useful help, besides not using lube: And if and when injury is caused with penis-in-vaginal intercourse, it is either due to assault or due to things like a partner being aggressive when you're not aroused enough, not using enough lube, etc. If and when there is bleeding with intercourse due to reasons like that -- all of which can cause abrasions, and because blood vessels are so close to the surface with genitals, even a small abrasion can bleed more than one'd expect -- it usually is very temporary, and tends to be more light spotting than anything else. He was fine with waiting longer for me but it was actually me who wanted and was ready for it.

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I'd suggest you toss anything that GYN said to you out, because we know from the way she was talking to you and treating you that she's simply not credible.

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Does a woman always bleed when she has sex for the first time?

No registered users and 0 guests. If not -- and I'm guessing not, since my impression was the crap GYN you saw was your first visit, and you didn't mention them bringing this up in any way -- since it sounds like you're saying you engaged in PIV intercourse what people mean by "virginity" varies, so I can't know for sure what kind of sex you're talking about here, but if that's what you did, that wouldn't have been possible with a resilient hymenI don't see any reason to make any assumptions about the hymen. A penis will not "tear anyone apart. I just don't want to add to the anxiety with a pregnancy scare. It wears away gradually over time, rather than being all there then -- poof! Even then, a serious injury is unlikely outside of with assault.

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vergin sex full bleading

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