Interpretation of sperm analysis

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Morphology What percentage of sperm are normally shaped? This result is also known as sperm density. Timing can depend on the laboratory and the andrologist sperm scientist who is reviewing the specimen. Associated Data Supplementary Materials. Relation between sperm count and semen volume, and pregnancies obtained during a twenty-year follow-up period. Keep up with the latest in Fertility News from our Physicians

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Infertility is a problem for many men.

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Interpretation of semen analysis among infertile couples.

Double-blind cross over treatment with mesterolone and placebo of subfertile oligozoospermic men value of testicular biopsy. A result less than 7. Counts higher than 20 X 10 6 were not associated with a further improvement in pregnancy rates, but variability in the results was high, which suggests that the test should be repeated as necessary to determine the true range. According to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry AACCthe tests should be conducted at least seven days apart and over the course of two to three months. The testicles, seminal vesicles, and prostate are the main organs necessary to ensure sperm production. Refer a Patient to Fertility Centers of Illinois If you have a patient who you feel would benefit from our services, please submit a referral and we will follow up. There are several types of….

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