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The only things that has ever helped was therapy and meds. Her hair and makeup and tatts and piercings and glasses make her look like an antisocial tumblr feminist from People like her are so fucking damaging to the whole field of technology and a perfect example of a fucking cult leader. It's not feminism's role to enable this kind of utter mental retardation across all genders. It just looks from your description like something that panders to dumblrinas but would make a person who actually suffers from depression just feel more shite about themselves. I think that what makes her such a good candidate for the poster child of shit 3rd wave feminism and fetishistic victim-hood, is that she looks the way the mainstream views the female gaming demographic. Now, back on topic - remember how, by Zoe's definition of rape, she's a rapist?

Zoe is such a cunt, I hope she literally gets attacked by bees.

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Just google it since it's free and a browser game. It's not mandatory for cops to get involved if a guy shows up at a hospital with a stab wound in his face. Besides of that she could for once in her life have used a real hairdresser's services. Like baby's first dye job bad. I can't help but wonder what shit she's going to pull next.

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  1. Y dont you do dat to those people what is their husband or their wives are worried about their famely