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CREW received a response in May The issue here is one of personal comfort", one of the participants in that meeting, Donald Reid, the department's senior coordinator for security infrastructure, wrote afterward in an email that described Clinton's inner circle of advisers as "dedicated [BlackBerry] addicts". More work emails from Clinton's private account". According to the State Department, there were 2, email chains on the server that were retroactively marked as classified by the State Department as "Confidential," 65 as "Secret," and 22 as "Top Secret. In response, she stated "The F. Retrieved April 29, Clinton herself stated she had done so as a matter of "convenience.

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Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice staffers received classified info via personal email".

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Negative News, Lacking Context". According to Pagliano, security logs of Clinton's email server showed no evidence of successful hacking. Retrieved March 31, The State Department confirmed that 10 emails and parts of five others from Sidney Blumenthal regarding Benghazi, which the Committee had made public on June 22, could not be located in the Department's records, but that the 46 other, previously unreleased Libya-related Blumenthal emails published by the Committee, were in the Department's records. The requests were for various emails and other documents from Clinton's time as secretary of state and were still unfulfilled at the time. Sullivan granted the motion to reopen the case on June 19,

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