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Yet another Equus review 1 Posted: It would be uncommon for females in the 70s to have shaved their pubic hair, however Jill, who appears to be obviously well practiced and interested in sex, may fit the persona of someone who does shave. He's simply too old for the role. You can see they share a great bond between each other. Cast albums are NOT "soundtracks.

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It's also far too literal.

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Yet another Equus review

Hello All, I'm new here, so I hope its appropriate for me to make a new thread here. And from the mezzanine you couldn't even tell who was hairier than who. The play was also written to have actors playing the horses. Yet another Equus review. In terms of the film, I actually think overall Radcliffe is more real as Strang than Firth was in the film. So I thought I would give my thoughts in the form of a comparison.

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equus nudity anna camp
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equus nudity anna camp
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