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The rules are simple: Cambodia - Where parents prepare love huts for their daughters to have sex with various boys The Kreung Tribe in Cambodia follows a weird sexual ritual that would surely sound bizarre. The Mardudjara Aborigines of Australia have one of the most shocking boyhood-to-manhood transformations out there. Girls consume a natural liquor as an herbal contraceptive to avoid pregnancy and then choose various sexual partners every night. For instance, Muslim couples are only allowed to have sex in the missionary position. A community where brothers share a wife - The Himalayas. It is also a belief in the country that that even the ebb and flow in the Nile river were caused due to Atum's ejaculation.

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During the ten years, the skin is pierced to remove any contamination brought upon by women.

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13 Shocking Sexual Traditions From Around The World

You're not supposed to go out for dinner together until after you get married. The Best French Fries. A boy was considered a "boy" until he was able to grow a full beard. The most common form of same-sex relationships in Greece were between an older male and an adolescent boy. Sex can be a bonding or loving experience, a formality, fun and exciting, or even immoral or illegal. This copy has been created through thorough analysis on internet and has no intention to hurt or manipulate the sentiments or rituals of any community, culture or gender.

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strange sex practice of other countries
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strange sex practice of other countries
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