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When they want to feel like they're special and adored, they tend to seek only one partner to fulfill that need if their husband isn't meeting it. I remember driving there feeling almost uncontrollably lustful. Ditch the guilt Sami said: Rather than seeking multiple partners, women in the study exclusively wanted an affair with only one man. As for the impact dating other people has on their marriage, Alex said they aren't really concerned.

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They don't really get jealous.

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Why Happily Married Women Are Cheating

Dr Elisabeth Sheff, the author of " The Polyamorists Next Door ," has been studying polyamory for over two decades and is also in a "monogamish" relationship with her wife. Eventually I told him we should give it a go. Women candidly revealed the number of men they have had sex with. Sheff said she travels a lot for work, which is why polyamory works out well for her relationship. But in her experience, women can be successful at any age, and she has witnessed escorts in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s earning good sums of money. Alex and Claire made it clear to each other that their relationship comes first by default. Is your number closer to what's considered socially acceptable, or is it higher?

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