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She is married to a guy who has a inch hard pencil dick that can't satisfy her, but she tolerated it till her daughters were grown. I slid up and down on his dick, slowly at first then faster as my insides conformed to the eight inch circumference of his cock as much as they could. Add To Reading List. I imagined that ass pumping up and down in the air, pummeling a tight white hole and my cock came to life in my snug jeans. Views Rating Favorite Newest.

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She looked at me pleedingly, but i just smiled. She was 17 and I was We met one day at the company I … Continue reading Lynn the nigger lover. I know, I know, its called sleep paralysis, it will pass, but when you wake, for a moment, there is a terror inside your head. She is about 5 ' brown curly hair with big breast and a full figure.

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