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After Azula finished drinking the two phials, she put on her pants and uniform leaving the unconscious King Bumi and her soaking wet red thong hanging around his neck. She questioned them on the escape of the city residents and the competency of their leadership. In that very same camp outside of the city, Katara, Aang and Sokka settled themselves around a fire. Ty Lee was still in the throes of orgasm when she noticed that she had been pulled to the edge of the table, and the man who had been rubbing her tits had taken out a massive 10 inch cock pointing it right at her mouth. With one hand she reached in and grabbed his growing erection as she pulled down his underwear with her other hand.

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In no way was he expecting this young girl who was maybe fifteen or sixteen to be on her knees in front of him, getting ready to pull down his pants.

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Aang remembered a technique he had seen in Monk Gyatso's sex book and saw the perfect opportunity to try it out when Katara began to bend over to wash her face. The soldier couldn't believe his luck as he watched her take in another two inches of his cock. The guard standing all alone at the other end of the table was in agony from not being able to cum down the young girl's throat. Her first team member would be one of her old school mates and friend Ty Lee who had joined a traveling circus. He was utterly bewildered at the turn of events now unfolding. Ty Lee didn't resist in the slightest to the advances of the older fire nation soldiers.

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